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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

La 84 (07-09-2019)
Samedi 7 Septembre 2019
La Bastide des Jourdans, CS Pertuis, FR
Ultra long
I'm proud that I really did this (for me) long run (walk) and pushed my limit and was able to do it. My biggest mistake was going ...
Challange PACA no7 (01-09-2019)
Dimanche 1 Septembre 2019
La Mouliere, VSAO, FR
LD, relais E - D55
Beautiful terrian! Great that we have a new part on this good map. Ok first control good, Lost of hesitation going to no 2. Going ...
Oringen 2019 etapp 5/5 (27-07-2019)
Samedi 27 Juillet 2019
Ågelsjöbergen, SE
LD, relais D55K
Last day is chasing start. I missed mine with 3min 30 sec because there was 6 men calling up our names, 4 with very loud voice and...
Oringen 2019 etapp 4/5 (26-07-2019)
Vendredi 26 Juillet 2019
Jurla gammelskog, SE
MD, relais D55K
Today I did one mistake, a big one. I did a 180 degree going to no 3, lost 12 min. Awful!
Oringen 2019 etapp 3/5 (25-07-2019)
Jeudi 25 Juillet 2019
Kvillinge, SE
L, relais D55K
I'm not happy with todays race. Did very bad going to control no 1, didn't have a good last point, lost 8 min here. Lost my confid...
Oringen 2019 etapp 2/5 (23-07-2019)
Mardi 23 Juillet 2019
Grosvad, SE
L, relais D55K
Good race but a booom going to control no7, lost about 2 min 30sec. Great forest!
Oringen 2019 Etapp 1/5 (22-07-2019)
Lundi 22 Juillet 2019
Loreberg - Finspång, SE
Lång, relais D55K
Fun race in beautiful forest. Not a good race but fun!
Österlens 3-kvällars 1/3 (15-07-2019)
Lundi 15 Juillet 2019
Öståkra, Andrarums IF, SE
Relais Ö7
Forgot to put on the gps at the start. Didn't run good towards control 1, but after that I did ok. Great forest!
Championnat de France - LD (02-06-2019)
Dimanche 2 Juin 2019
Le Margeriaz, COCS, FR
LD, relais D55
A really challenging terrain, nothing for a chicken. I did ok on control no 1 and 2, ran to much to the right going to no 3, lost ...
Championnat de France de Reais 2019 (01-06-2019)
Samedi 1 Juin 2019
Le Margeriaz, COCS, FR
Relay, relais D55 .2
Annie started and I did second and last buckle. I did a safe race and is happy with it :)
CO Tour 2019 2/5 (28-05-2019)
Mardi 28 Mai 2019
Le Pin Montard, VSAO, FR
Relais B - Jaune
Well, you have to be a very good runner do win this race. It didn't help that I just missed control no 4 closely continued runnin...
CO Tour 1/5 (23-05-2019)
Jeudi 23 Mai 2019
Les Bouillides, VSAO, FR
Should have done better: looked for no 3 to early lost 1:08 min, going to no 4 I wasn't sure were I was coming down in the green. ...
CFC N4 - 442.4 (05-05-2019)
Dimanche 5 Mai 2019
La Roche de Biquets - La Chaume Francis, FR
Relay, relais 422.4
Everyone said - don't follow the traces. What did I do going to first control - followd a traces! When I saw the hunting tower I g...
CF MD 2019 (04-05-2019)
Samedi 4 Mai 2019
La Roche des Bioquets-Chaume Francis, FR
MD, relais K - D55
On my ticket it say that I didn't go to controll 3... hmmm. Took wrong decision of path from no 6 going to no 7. Lost a lot! It wa...
Nationale Sud-Est - Bollène (07-04-2019)
Dimanche 7 Avril 2019
Colline du Barry - Sud, OPA, FR
LD, relais G1 - D55
Good race until control no 5 then I got out in wrong direction and continued so with a 180 degree! Lost 16 min here. On no 7 I was...
Nationale Sud-Est (06-04-2019)
Samedi 6 Avril 2019
Colline du Barry - Sud, OPA, FR
MD, relais K D55
Good race until control no 5 after that I was terrible on no 6, 7, 8, 10 - lost plenty of course. Can't even blame the rain!
Championnat de Ligue de MD (31-03-2019)
Dimanche 31 Mars 2019
Cabrières d’Aigues - Le Ravin du Loup, CS Pertius, FR
MD, relais D - D55
Happy that I could keep my focus, concentration. Hardly run, mostly walking. Lost time when I needed to go down in the speep slope...
Championnat de Ligue (10-03-2019)
Dimanche 10 Mars 2019
La Grande Baume, ACA, FR
LD, relais F
Lovely day for a race (walk) in forest. Didn't run much... Bad that I did such a bad decision between control 4 and 5 ( had more t...
Challenge 06 (03-02-2019)
Dimanche 3 Février 2019
Pin Montard , VSAO, FR
Relais B
Rather good run but not clean of course. On no 8 I strolled around and lost 2 min and on no 12 I was sure that I missed one contro...
Les Ecureuils (27-01-2019)
Dimanche 27 Janvier 2019
Domaine Départemental de Roques Hautes, ACA, FR
Relais Outsider
Challenge PACA no 1 (20-01-2019)
Dimanche 20 Janvier 2019
Relais E
Was a good race after all. Didn't think so... It takes me such a long time to go through the bushes/semi green forest as high leg ...
Night OL (12-01-2019)
Samedi 12 Janvier 2019
Parc de la Valmasque, VSAO, FR
Score, relais Jaune cour
Good run.