MTB-O Chall PACA finale (22/11/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Greasque
Organiser: A.C.A
Country: FR
Discipline: MTB-O LD
Distance: 18.11 km
Time: 94:23
Average HR: 157
Maximum HR: 178
Very interesting area for MTB-O, tons of trails, reasonably hilly and a good map. Potential championship area.
Great course setting (one long leg, nice) although I'm not too keen of free-order (first part). Anyway we had 1 minute to choose the order and draw route so in the it was ok. I opted for CCW (5-8-2 etc) as most did(?).
Puncture between 6 and 4, fix w/ repair can : 2 min
Refolding map (A3-->A4) @ 10th took 2 min! (maybe time to buy a bigger better map holder)
11: couldn't find the start of the path: 2:30
13-14: better to the right , less elevation (?)
15-16: the poorest leg, took the wrong path(unmapped but big) 300m east of 15, then lost time to figure out what went wrong: 2:30, then couldn't find the path to the control 150m south of 16 (another 1:30)
16-17: bad route choice 40 sec
17-18: bad route choice under power line, better to go south to avoid elev. gain 30 sec, then bad approach (fuzzy area with many trails) 30 sec
All in all: 12:30 // 10:30 control mistakes
2nd spot in M50
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MTB-O Chall PACA finale  (22/11/2014) MTB-O Chall PACA finale  (22/11/2014)