Challenge 06 // speed-walk-O (15/02/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Frejus Esterel
Organiser: VSAO
Country: France
Discipline: MD
Leg: B-Course
Distance: 4.34 km
Time: 54:34
Average HR: 156
Maximum HR: 178
Nice to be back in the orienteering track :)
Still having a PF heel and unstable knee joint so not possible to run, but speed-walking isn't that bad (outside trails at least).
S-9, only minor mistakes, tried to run 50 m north the pond 5-6 but it didn't work out that well.
4th control seemed to be fine on the top of the hill, bbut GPS shows not.
10 and 11 where slighly outside the circle I think as the GPS shows.
12 my mistake
12-13 followed a promising boar's track but it faided out and got stuck and must turn back.
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Challenge 06 // speed-walk-O (15/02/2015) Challenge 06 // speed-walk-O (15/02/2015)