Challenge Paca Night-O (21/11/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Meyrargues
Organiser: aca
Country: F
Discipline: Mass start night
Distance: 7.02 km
Time: 63:58
Average HR: 161
Maximum HR: 177
First Challenge Paca night-o ever, great initiative very nice course setting and organization!
Very poor performance , especially 18: 6+ minutes lost. I did have a solid atack point but I knew it could be a difficult one especially as I arrived first. I followed an electric cable down from the junction, *but* it was not the one that goes down to the west but the other short one going north-west, which I failed to see on the map. Steep as hell, repeated the same error 3 times... the f-word
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Challenge Paca Night-O (21/11/2015) Challenge Paca Night-O (21/11/2015)