Chall Paca Mazaugues (12/06/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Le Petit Gaudin
Country: F
Distance: 7.98 km
Time: 72:48
Average HR: 155
Maximum HR: 171
Very difficult to run a clean race in this terrain, but 11 minutes mistakes is far too much.
1 - looks easy but I failed to understand the curves, time goes fast when you have fun in the green on a steep slope: 2:30!
2 - 1:50 no attack point, failed to spot the bare rock as planned :(
--->5 ok:ish controls
8 - 0:30 dense forest, tons of rock formations, bad luck
10 - 1:30 zero map contact
13 - 2:30 this time with map contact, but something strange with the mapping here? Should be an easy one from the pylon and then the yellow ...
16 - 2 min fatigue mistake: got the control perfectly but read the code for 17 and phucked up....
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Chall Paca Mazaugues (12/06/2016) Chall Paca Mazaugues (12/06/2016)