O'France - Day 4 - Plateau de Guilhaumard - H55 (15/07/2016)
Category: Competition
Country: F
Discipline: LD
Distance: 6.23 km
Time: 62:33
Average HR: 140
Maximum HR: 170
The most difficult race in my life!
Winner time was estimated to 30 min, 7 min/km but only T.G can do that? Anyways, I enjoyed the race, even if it was 'impossible' like 8-9.
For my errors, it is a long list
1: I already knew from other runners that this one was tricky. I decided to walk, even so I missed it by 6 min (!) and found it only on the third attempt. Shame.
2-5: more or less good
6: I knew exactly where I was and that I was just east of the control , however bushes and cliffs made it very difficult to approach so I did that little loop 1.5 min
8: sloppy direction, wanted to run away from a competitor in my class but that was a bad idea. Had come back and restart: 2:20
9: the plan was to go right (a bad plan) and it turned out pretty much impossible After 1m30 I scrapped that bad plan and went left. Very, very lucky to find the rock formations 100m ahead of the control
10: 0:40 just another difficult-to-find-control
11: Passed a few meters from the control and I did look into that corner, but obviously not thoroughly enough Finally went down to the field and restarted- 4:40
13: Found the cave south east 1 min
14: lost in the green 2 min
After all these errors, 6th pos of 100 runners
Tomorrow chasing start, in the same area. Anything can happen :)
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O'France - Day 4 - Plateau de Guilhaumard - H55 (15/07/2016) O'France - Day 4 - Plateau de Guilhaumard - H55 (15/07/2016)