Challenge Nuit #9 Cabrières (19/11/2016)
Category: Competition
Organiser: Jerome
Distance: 6.68 km
Time: 62:21
Mass start and Huge f&%#Kk-up on the first control, 17th... and 4 min lost. Reason: tried to follow the better runners at a @ sub 4 min/km pace.. tunnel vision etc etc.
Tried to catch up ad a good leg but still suffering and then a shaky 3rd (1 min) and 4 (2.5 min). Only minor mistakes from that point and in a lead after good run o the long leg 12-13.
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Challenge Nuit #9  Cabrières (19/11/2016) Challenge Nuit #9  Cabrières (19/11/2016)