La 83 v2.0 (12/02/2017)
Category: Training
Map/area: Le Bois de Rouquan
Organiser: Tamr
Country: F
Discipline: ULD
Distance: 13.3 km
Time: 130:27
Average HR: 142
Maximum HR: 167
----- 3drerun ----
Excellent training, big thanks to the organizer! control 1-24 taped.
The terrain: partly easy running and partly very tough. Limited visibility, probaly a challenge to map.
The plan was to do the 'L' i.e. 12k.
The first hour was good.The 2nd hour very shaky.
After control 27 I was alone shortcutting the 12k tunnel, the descent to 42 was *very* demotivating as well as the climb from 44). Gradually degrading quality and a low water at 58-64. (sugar...!)
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La 83 v2.0 (12/02/2017) La 83 v2.0 (12/02/2017)