Chall Paca St.Baume (30/04/2017)
Category: Competition
Country: F
Distance: 8.54 km
Time: 70:55
Average HR: 160
Maximum HR: 179
Trying to run a little bit more aggressive but still some homework todo: all went fine the first 25 min, then the problems begins with a 1 min poor route choice 5-6, then 3 min lost in the bush north of 7 (sloppy attack point). A couple of good controls and another 1½ min error on 11. Huge f'&%k-up on 12. Not much to say, everything but good. Beginners level. In total 16 min lost. Unhappy.
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Chall Paca St.Baume (30/04/2017) Chall Paca St.Baume (30/04/2017)