Chall Paca 11 (19/11/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Perreal
Distance: 7.58 km
Time: 83:38
Yet another very poor race, this time the I broke one eyeglasses temple just after the first control (must be 5th pair of Vapro by now, need a steel version..)
Tried to run without one temple by holding the glasses with my right hand -> got lost lost immediately of course.. A helpful M75 saved me.
Stopped to do temporary fix with the elastic that wasn't to bad but very comfortable.
Very approximative orienteering with fuzzy vision.
At least I finished.
And it was a sunny day.
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Chall Paca 11 (19/11/2017) Chall Paca 11 (19/11/2017)