Pölder Natt Cup E3 (28/12/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kjugekull
Organiser: Pan
Discipline: Night, mass start
Distance: 6.66 km
Time: 60:38
Mass-start and the usual stress but already at the 4th control we were only a few and after the outside map run at 9 I was alone. As the headlamp went off yesterday, I had it in low-power.
3: 1 min (mass start stress I guess)
7 45 sec sloppy..
9: 1:15 out of bounds some with some luck
13: bad route choice (18) 1 min
16: 1 min, very tricky!
18: 1 min poor direction from 17th + underestimated the difficulty
last loop 21(90) -F(100) : good pace
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Pölder Natt Cup E3 (28/12/2017) Pölder Natt Cup E3 (28/12/2017)