Challenge PACA Mazaugues (19/05/2019)
Category: Competition
Distance: 7.35 km
Time: 62:51
Average HR: 159
Maximum HR: 180
Difficult to master this terrain, the key is to adapt the speed, full speeed on the open and to slow down (even walk) in the green and rocky parts

2 : 20 sec

3: way too fast and sloppy , thinking I'm 50 m to east in the descent, looking for control 6 but couldn't spot it. Ignoring all warning signals with some luck re-attack from south west but 4 minutes lost :-(
5 another 50 sec hesitation
5-6 going way too fast and with too much self confidence. Approaching 7 without knowing my exacl position , passing only 30m from the control another 6 minutes to sort out - the green and rocky is super slow
Nice terrain and a good map.
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Challenge PACA Mazaugues (19/05/2019) Challenge PACA Mazaugues (19/05/2019)