PACA nights champs Adventure (this is not E-sport) (16/11/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sigonce
Organiser: ACA
Country: Fr
Discipline: Night mass-start
Distance: 7.2 km
Time: 89:05
Average HR: 162
Maximum HR: 175
A tough race, the terrain is technically & physically demanding day time when it's dry - night and mud makes it 'spicy'..
A really shitty start, but everyone else were pretty bad too so the position ok:ish. Caught up at 5 and stayed ahead until 11.
Somewhat worrying already at control 7 (35 min) battery 1 of 2 was dead. Swapped to back-up battery and eco-mode. Should be fine ass winner time should be ~1h.
At 11 I started to worry : already 1 hour running and a long steep muddy climb plus a super techy control. And of course shit hit the fan - on the muddy slope 200m from 12 the 2nd battery dies. The security lamp is in the rugsack under the jacket, a very tricky business to get tit out without dropping the map and sliding down (includes chewing muddy map). After a few minutes got it sorted out but the decided to abandon, impossible to continue with the 5 lumen light. While I was feeling sorry for myself and trying to figure out the least painful return trip, two runners passes just below, As it turns out they saved my night' :)
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PACA nights champs Adventure (this is not E-sport) (16/11/2019) PACA nights champs Adventure (this is not E-sport) (16/11/2019)