Challange PACA - Vive La reprise !! (16/05/2021)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Grambois Beaumont de Pertuis
Organiser: Luberon O
Country: France
Distance: 5.42 km
Time: 53:45
Average HR: 151
Maximum HR: 165
First orienteering race since March 2020, a pure pleasure !
Typical Mediterranean forests 'Garigue', not an easy task to map but this map is for the most very accurate ! Tricky controls, very limited visability = super intersting orienteering ! for covid reasos extended start time so no bunches. Very wet, but what the heck who cares a day like this :-)
- 3.5 min lost on the 5th (misty but quite possible to still see the contours)
- 7 shaky approach and poor direction, missed the control with a few meters 2 minutes
- 9 left the trail and got stuck in the garigue, faster to stay on the trail 45 sec 11 just bad ½ min
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Challange PACA - Vive La reprise !! (16/05/2021) Challange PACA - Vive La reprise !! (16/05/2021)