Chpt de Ligue Longue distance (15/06/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: La Brasque - Gréolières les neiges
Organiser: POLES
Country: FR
Discipline: Longue distance
Leg: D
Distance: 6.75 km
Time: 97:36
We had better luck this year, no rain, no thunder, no snow or hail. Wonderful terrain! Going to my no 2 control I ended up at my no 3... ok now I know where I was so it was rather quick to fix but my error cost me 13 min. Next misstake was at control no 5, took me 9 min to get it right. These were my biggest misstakes, will not mention the other smaller once...
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Chpt de Ligue Longue distance (15/06/2014) Chpt de Ligue Longue distance (15/06/2014)