Challenge PACA no 2 (15/03/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Plan d'Aups - La Sainte Baume
Organiser: TSN
Country: FR
Leg: D
Distance: 6.5 km
Time: 69:56
Rain and 3 degrees! This is a great map and area to run on. When you have started you don't mind the weather that much, it was good even in the rain. OK, I did like this today: from start to control 9 all good. Going out from control 9 I headed for the larger path but not the one I ended up on but I understood where I was. Control 11, here I ran around like an ant, lost 3 min... Control 12, I didn't know if I should go right or left, wrong choice, lost 1-1,5 min. Control 13, hmm wan't sure, ran north but ran back again, lost 1 min. Worst thing for me after a run in the rain is to change, outside!!!
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Challenge PACA no 2 (15/03/2015) Challenge PACA no 2 (15/03/2015)