CHALLENGE PACA n°6 - FINALE (08/11/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: La Gordonne
Country: FR
Discipline: VTT O
Leg: D
Distance: 13.45 km
Time: 68:35
I didn't do a good race today but it would help a lot if the map is up to date. Going to no 1 I was not trust myself and went right far to early after that it was OK. Control no 2 was wrong placed and map didn't match paths. No 3 you expect that the control should be on the bridge, visible. It was not like that. You had to pas, turn back in to a path (did't see the bridge). Leaving no 3 I took left and ended up on a path that isn't on the map... No 4 OK. No 5 - surprice - new path that is not on the map. Got a major black out after last control going to arrival, lost 14 min. I'm happy to go back when they have revised - not before!
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CHALLENGE PACA n°6 - FINALE (08/11/2015) CHALLENGE PACA n°6 - FINALE (08/11/2015)