Challenge 06 (26/03/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Le Carton
Organiser: Mougins
Country: FR
Leg: B
Distance: 5.76 km
Time: 68:52
Sunny lovely day for orienteering! I wasn't tempted to run to long way around to control 6 so I headed to walk the hill. Have understood that it was a bad choise and probably lost 5 min minimum. Lost an other 3 min running on the road to no 7 as a passed it without seeing it... Took a god choise going to no 8 but didn't see it as it was to much hidden, whent back and around, lost 2,30 min. Well it was a lovely day but I wasn't as careful reading the map as I should be.
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Challenge 06 (26/03/2016) Challenge 06 (26/03/2016)