Challenge PACA VTT'O (13/11/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Colline de Saint Aries - BOLLENE
Organiser: OPA
Country: FR
Discipline: VTT'O
Leg: D
Distance: 12.27 km
Time: 98:03
We had decided to not go this weekend as the weather report was very unstable. Fortunately we changed our mind at the last moment, it is a very beautiful place to visit. Cycled to wrong control, 10-61, to my first and lost 6.30. Failed to veer off to the right path in time going to no 5 and continued to far so I lost 5 min on that one. Going to no 6 it was very tricky with all small paths which I mixed up and took wrong path... after a while I new were I was, had passed once before. My intention was to ride on the road passing the red marked prohibited area bit it was is impossible! Had to cycle back and take another decisions so I lost around 17 min. In total my loss was more or less 28 min.
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Challenge PACA VTT'O  (13/11/2016) Challenge PACA VTT'O  (13/11/2016)