Challenge PACA 9 Nuit (19/11/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Carbrière d'Aigues - Le Ravin du Loup
Organiser: Pertius
Country: FR
Discipline: Nuit
Leg: D
Distance: 4.68 km
Time: 72:45
Thanks Pertius for great competions! We enjoyed it very much. My intention was to go easy and be safe and not get lost, thats scary in the dark. My mistakes was at control 9, lost about 3 min, at control 11 I was to far down to the field and had to climb up, lost about 3 min and finally control 13 there I had difficult to orient myself and know exactly where I was. Lost about 6 min, much hesitation, and ran past the control. Anders found me by the field hesiting then he passed me...
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Challenge PACA 9 Nuit (19/11/2016) Challenge PACA 9 Nuit (19/11/2016)