POM 2018 Day 3 (12/02/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: S. Bartolomeu do Outeiro
Country: Portugal
Discipline: M
Leg: W55
Distance: 4.51 km
Time: 43:10
This is a wonderful area of Portugal! l ran an to far to my right going to first control, lost nearly 2,5 min. After 7th control I didn't look at the compass to get direction... lost 5 min of hesitating going back to no 7 then I was on track again. Heading to 11th control I found myself at no 12, but it took me 5 min to realise.
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POM 2018 Day 3 (12/02/2018) POM 2018 Day 3 (12/02/2018)