Championnat de Ligue PACA (27/05/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: La Mouliere
Organiser: VSAO
Country: FR
Discipline: LD
Leg: F - D55
Distance: 6.19 km
Time: 80:20
Lovely sunny day for a run, and not to hot. I began with a mistake on first control, lost 2 min, next one I keept an eye on my compass the hole time and took it very good. I was probably the only one trying to follow the red line between 6 to 7, terrible and I lost more then 5 min. It was difficult to follow the path from control 9 going to control 10. New good map! Thanks
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Championnat de Ligue PACA (27/05/2018) Championnat de Ligue PACA (27/05/2018)