Innovative and disciplined software development engineer with more than 10 years of experience developing high-quality software products, applications and systems on time and on budget for major companies like Birdstep, Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, ENEA Data, TA Control, Dresser Wayne using Windows, Internet and Embedded systems platforms.

  • Development of Java server application for home automation. The application is based on Open Software project openHAB. User interface in HTML/JavaScript, Linux system on Synology, Rasp hardware.
  • Specification and verification of Open Mobile Alliance Open CM API.
  • Development of Windows applications based on QT/Javascript/HTML application platform.
  • Implementation and adaptations of application framework for wireless operators for their customers Internet access on multiple transmission standards (UMTS/HDSPA,GPRS, WLAN) on Windows.
  • Successful implementation of 50+ customer projects based on this application framework for wireless operators: e.g. Cosmote, Elisa, T-Mobile, TDC, CellC. 
  • Implementation of Deutsche Telekom/T-Mobile - TMCC SDK.
  • Design and implementation of interfaces to 30+ wireless communication devices (UMTS/HDSPA/GPRS/WLAN) Embedded mini PCcards, PC-Cards/Ir/Bluetooth/Serial.
  • Development of Windows software for Ericsson mobile phones as a communications platform allowing communication over Bluetooth, infrared and serial.
  • Developed a Windows platform for the monitoring, testing and maintenance of mobile phones’ operating systems including the testing and troubleshooting of MAPI systems at ENEA Data.
  • Development of a programmable distributed regulator system for climate control using innovative client/server graphical user interface at TA Control AB.
  • Development of process control software for financial services (card payments) and fuel dispensers at Dresser Wayne.

M.Sc.E.E. 1990 Lund Institute of Technology in Sweden.
Multi-Lingual: English, Swedish and French.

Skills: Developing innovative, quality product on-time and on-budget. Dedication and discipline. Successful troubleshooting. Ability to work from the “big picture” to the detailed implementation. Excellent communicator and team leader in international environments.
"Jens is a very experienced software developer with good knowledge on all project phases. He is a quick learner with a high motivation and easy to work with. In addition to strong technical skills, he has also good social competence and excellent communication skills.”
Anders Gymnander, CEO Alice Systems AB

Master of Science Electronic Engineering (M.Sc.E.E.)1986 – 1990 at Lund Institute of Technology  Electronic Engineering.

- Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE).
- Git (Gitbub) Open Source OpenHAB Home Automation Bus
- Java on OSGi framework, REST-API
- HTML, JavaScript, Sencha, Ajax, WebApp.Net
- Internationalization
- Synology Disk stations, Raspberry PI, and Ubunto and Windows
- Synology package installer
- Web shop with bower components, search engine optimization

- Microsoft Visual Studio 2012+
- HG, Git, SVN, ClearCase, Visual SourceSafe and PVCS
- QT, Win32 SDK/API , MFC, Microsoft Foundation Classes
- HTML/Css Javascript, Macromedia Flash MX 
- COM Common Object Model 
- ATL/STL/WTL, Template Library 
- International applications
- Advanced Installer, NSIS, Installshield, Wise
- Windows CE,
- RoboHelp: HTMLHelp and WinHelp

- Android platform
- Echelon LONWORKS
- Emulators (Lauterbach, Intel ICE, Echelon LonBuilder)
- Intel 8051, Siemens C51
- Hitachi H8/300
- Motorola 3120, 3150
- SCSI bus
- OSE (Enea RTOS)

- C, C++ ,Java
- HTML/Javascript, ActionScript, NSI, AutohotKey
- Pascal / Object Pascal with VCL development
- Assembler, e.g. Intel 8051 Assembler

- UMTS/WLAN Internet connectivity application for Windows.
- Windows COM based software platform for communication with mobile phones over infrared, serial and Bluetooth.
- Mobile phones embedded software.
- Control systems for indoor climate control, embedded software.
- Windows based software tools for configuration and control of embedded systems.
- Control of mechanical systems, e.g. with stepper motors and pulse width modulation.
- Pay-card applications.
- Software configuration and management.

- Project management
- Demand specification
- Design and implementation
- System integration
- Test specification
- Documentation

2000 Essential ATL at DevelopMentor in Torrance, CA.
2000 Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 (Microsoft Course 1013).
1999 Advanced Features of MFC at LearningTree in Irvine, CA.
1996 COM Fundamentals
1997 Java
1996 Windows API
1996 C++
1995 OOA/OOD
1994 Echelon Lonworks technology.

2001-present KS Consulting SARL (France)
1998-2001 Kastensson Software Engineering AB (Sweden)
1997-1998 Enea Data AB (Sweden)
1994-1997 TA Control AB (Sweden)
1990-1994 Wayne Europe, Dresser Wayne (Sweden)
1981-1986 ABB Atom AB (Sweden)

2001-present KS Consulting SARL (Sophia Antipolis, France)
- Implementation of Home Automation server based on Open Software project openHAB. The server, implemented in Java/OSGi provides rich user interface for graphical data viewing in real-time. Additionally it offers complex event scheduling based on Cron. The product requires a minimum of configuration as it automatically generates all configurations for user interface and data logging.
- Implementation, design and architecture of a Windows (PC/CE)mobile  Internet connectivity software.
Jens developed amongst all the following features:
- Design and implementation of middle layer enabling Macromedia Flash based user interface for standard windows MFC application, i.e. fully customizable user-interface and business layer.
- Development of Macromedia ActionScript skin SDK, action script library and samples.
- Integration of GPRS/UMTS PC-cards from Huawei, ZTE, Novatel, Option, Sony Ericsson, Sierra Wireless, BenQ.
- Implementation of serial, infrared, Bluetooth communications.
- Integration of 3rd party bitmap skinning component.

1998-2001 Kastensson Software Engineering AB (Malmö, Sweden)

- Development of Internet Explorer plug-in (ActiveX) and Netscape Plug-in for decompression of wavelet compressed pictures (JPEG2000).
- Development of Windows tool for compressing and displaying wavelet pictures.
- Development of Windows software for communication with Ericsson Mobile Phones. The software is based on COM/ATL and support communication over serial, infrared and Bluetooth. The software enables people to write applications such as synchronization of the calendar in a PC and mobile phone. Jens developed amongst all the following functions: infrared socket communications, OBEX communications, installation and setup software, trouble-shooter function, system wide message logger and database module.
- Development of inter processor communication bridge in mobile phone. Using this software application in mobile phone can send messages to processes running in another processor in a mobile phone.

1997-1998 Enea Data AB (Malmö, Sweden)
- Windows based program for monitoring EPROM in mobile phones.
- Windows program for Windows NT/CE for monitoring debug messages from mobile phones.
- Windows program for recording and analyzing operating system activities.
- Java based program for configuration of ENEA's operating system OSE.
- Graphical Windows CE application.
- Windows program controlling test machine in a production line.
- Installation and troubleshooter software for a commercial MAPI client product.

1994-1997 TA Control AB
Development of a free programmable distributed regulator system for control of indoor climate.
- Development of a client/server based operator panel for monitoring system variables. The communication is based on Echelons Lonworks communication technology.
- Signal logging function.
- Processor: Hitachi H8/300, Motorola 3150.
- Emulator: Lauterbach, LonBuilder.

Development of a graphical application programming and configuration program. The program is used by application programmers to configure and design an indoor climate control system.
- Design and implementation COM-interface.
- WIN32 API, C++, MFC.
- Design and implementation of PVCS-based software management system.

1990-1994 Wayne Europe, Dresser Wayne

Development of software for controlling card and banknote payment machines. Development of software for control of fuel dispenser systems.
-Hardware near real-time software.
- PLM51, 8051-assembler and C.


Fluent in Swedish, English & French (spoken and written)
Nationality: Swedish
Marital Status: Married, with two children.
Interests: Orienteering (bronze medal in my category 2011 & 2012),
road cycling.

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Domaine Val d'Azur
06560 Valbonne

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