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Orienteering maps archives - Michaël Lejeune

Welcome to my DOMA (digital orienteering map archive)
Almost all orienteering maps of events I attended since I started in 2017. Some trainings are published too. I try to comment as much as possible my route choices (in french most of the time). Debriefing and putting words on my races, mistakes, choices help me improving (well, I guess!)

Championnat PACA LD Salignac (13-06-2021)
Dimanche 13 Juin 2021
Salignac-Vilhosc, Balise 04 / A.C. Aurélien, France
Reprise compliquée, manque de repères... 1- 2'30'' sur l'attaque. 2- mauvais choix, plus facile d'attaquer par en haut, perdu da...