French night champs H50 mass-start (27/08/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Col Bayard
Organiser: Ligue Provence
Country: FR
Discipline: Night mass start
Distance: 7.81 km
Time: 59:50
Average HR: 162
Maximum HR: 177
Only just able to follow to the front guys (not good enough runner...) to the 1st control. However looks like no-one was orienteering so we ended up far too north . Decided to run my own race from that point. Ran alone sometimes but usually saw one or two guys at the controls. At control 7, the last control in the first loop, I reckon I was first (no split times for now). (confirmed..)
Then 1 km of transportation and a group of three passed me at the 8th. I was intensively reading the last loop as the transport did look very easy. What a huge mistake! When I came in to a green area I started orienteering again, assuming I was hitting the green east of 10. Well I wasn't. After nearly 10 minutes I stumbled on the lake .
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French night champs H50 mass-start (27/08/2014) French night champs H50 mass-start (27/08/2014)