Challenge Paca #9 Perréal (01/11/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Gargas et St Saturnin les Apt (84)
Organiser: Pertuis
Country: FR
Distance: 6.28 km
Time: 60:20
Average HR: 167
Maximum HR: 179
Excellent map and course setting, very technical terrain.
A good start, no major mistake S-10, maybe 1 min behind superman.
Then to 11 - lost map contact in the ravines, finally saw the control when I was 30 m above it and had to glide on my bottom down... 2:20 minutes
11-12 : 50 sec faster to go left, certainly less physically demanding but not so easy to implement. Second best split but 54 sec behind on this leg. I paid the price for going over the top of the hill at the end.
16: it looks much better to go right. I passed 9th and thought all was fine, started to read ahead as it looked easy. But I was following the wrong ocra cliff , it took a minute to sort out. 2 more minutes.
Finally 20 the easiest control , I guess I paid the price for climbing that hill earlier, brain fart. 1:30
Totally: 7:30

Aerial photo of control 1-6
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Challenge Paca #9 Perréal (01/11/2015) Challenge Paca #9 Perréal (01/11/2015)