Chpt PACA Long dist H50-55 (09/04/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Les ruines des templiers, Grambois
Organiser: Pertuis
Country: F
Discipline: LD
Distance: 6.52 km
Time: 64:56
Average HR: 158
Maximum HR: 171
When it's 25 C and sunny with no wind in provence a camelbak is mandatory. Didn't bring it so dehydrated after 45 min. Worse a very soar calf muscle after 10 mins running, had to slow down and stop running on forefoot. End of grumbling. Very nice terrain, map and course setting, adapting the pace was the key I think. Some areas very technical, others fast and easy running.
1. Passed just next to it but didn't spot it. Bad luck or maybe not 100% in control. 1min
2-3: poor route choice, should have taken the trails. Soar calf muscle. 1-2 min
5: self pity and bad luck 2 min.
6-fininsh: self pity & easy jog but at least without mistakes
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Chpt PACA Long dist H50-55 (09/04/2017) Chpt PACA Long dist H50-55 (09/04/2017)