Cerkno Cup Day 4 - M55 (25/08/2018)
Category: Competition
Leg: https://li
Distance: 2.39 km
Time: 13:41
Average HR: 164
Maximum HR: 175
S-1: stopped 10 s couldn't spot the first conrol
1-2: the good route choice but at the end faster to go straight 15s
12-13: long stop looked like iwas about to enter someones garden:10s. Faster but tricky route choice to the right 10s
15: faster to the right
corner after 14: nearl crashing into farmers wheelbarrow loaded with cow dung... :)
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Cerkno Cup Day 4 - M55 (25/08/2018) Cerkno Cup Day 4 - M55 (25/08/2018)